Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There have been many changes in the past week. First, my dear, beloved Grandma Boughn passed away last Monday. I was fortunate enough to visit her and say goodbye. We had a lovely service for her and I know she would have loved it.
My grandma was the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. People constantly told her that she looked like Grace Kelley and I would have to agree with that sentiment. More importantly though she was an elegant, smart, funny, strong woman and she taught me a lot (always wear lipstick, have your clothes ironed, and always have a smile on your face).

Second, I had my first car accident. An old lady ran into me doing a left-hand turn. Sucky! I am hoping that everything will be all right with my car and that insurance will be kind to me (and the poor lady that hit me).

Third, I start med school in less than a week! Crazy!

Changes, changes, changes. I feel even more a-comin'!