Sunday, December 30, 2007


There is something so satisfying about making lists. Maybe it is a little OCD, but I can make a list for just about anything: errands I need to run, books I want to read, grocery lists, recipes I want to try, etc., etc. So here is a list of all the movies I have seen since fall semester ended. It should tell you two things: How much I love movies and how I have spent a good chunk of the break.

Confetti, Sliding Doors, the Host, the Simpsons movie, Fracture, Copying Beethoven, Beauty Academy of Kabul, Bleak House, Atonement, Walk Hard, P.S. I love you, Waitress, the Heartbreak Kid (worst movie of the year!), the Treatment, the Lord of the Rings, Charlie Wilson's War.

Unfortunately the movie watching is probably going to slow down this week because I have to work 5 shifts at the restaurant this week. I am still going to try to squeeze in a few though:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lame Brain

So I have been in the panicked frenzied pit of Hell known as Finals Week, but really it has lasted for the past 2 weeks. My brain is jammed full of words and equations and lists and memorized details and and and...ugh, it is exhausting just thinking about it. I am at the point were I will be dutifully reading along in my notes and all of sudden the words look like a fancy form of ancient Martian script. My brain can't compute Martian! And then I get all freaked out and feel like life is over because I am going to fail all of my classes because my notes were written in Martian. Oh brother, some fresh air and relaxation are much needed at this point so I can regain some sense of sanity:)

Anyways, I allowed myself 42 minutes of fun today and watched an episode of Brothers & Sisters. One of the actors is from Wales, but has an American accent on the show. Halfway through this particular episode, his accent totally broke and I just wanted to kiss him. I adore accents from the UK and even though this was just a smidgen of one, it was brilliant. I had to rewind it four times. Maybe it was just the Martian reading I've been doing lately that made me want to kiss him, but oh that accent!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Poetry

I had to write 5 poems for my creative writing class and quite frankly I actually enjoyed it. It is a whole new experience just being able to have fun with words rather than worrying about all the other crap that comes with most writing (grammar, punctuation, content..blibbidy blah). And, the best part is, my dear sis who has her MFA in creative writing and is a very, very talented poet, told me that I have some of her genes! Wahoo!
So here is my snow poem:

Snow in Eight Parts


Fragile lattice of crystalline ice,
melting into the barking dog’s fur
like warm chocolate on a hot day


Blankets of downy white
hush the chirping birds
and speeding cars.


Dying leaves,
desperate for a drink,
lap up the frozen water vapor.


of hydrogen and oxygen:
is it the most perfect bond?
Is it as simple
as ionic attraction
between H’s and O’s?


Meteor showers of snow
rushing past the silhouette of silver moon—
not crescent, not whole,
simply a round shape hanging in the sky.


They fall on the cold glass,
with the force of flying bugs
hurtling towards the windshield,
oblivious to their imminent end.


Enjoying their moment
in the spotlight of streetlights.
Shining, begging for
notice of their minute of beauty,
all glitter and intricacy.


Droplets of water,
now only spots on a window,
no longer bound by their hexagonal arms.