Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EUROPE! (and swine flu)

I have been home from Europe for 2.5 days now and am still in that depressed/where did the time go mood. Also, I am still dealing with monsieur swine flu....pretty sucky. I don't have the energy to put up anything entertaining at the moment (J, this post is all for you!) but it will be coming soon. This one photo was taken at the start of our seven hour, hotter-than-hell, sweat-out-all-my-body-weight hike in the Cinque Terre. This was also taken two days before evil swine flu virus struck me:(

Question for my doctor: does vodka count as a fluid? You said to drink as many clear fluids as possible..just wondering if I can follow those directions with a little vodka chaser after my cough medicine. Hmmm...

And here are three cheers to dad for being offered department chair. You would probably kill me if you knew I was putting this online, but dude, I am so proud of you that I can't keep it to myself!