Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wa-frickin-hoo!!!! The beast of a test (aka MCAT) is finally buried and done with! I have never studied so hard for one test in my whole life or needed to score so well on one test, so I am hoping everything turns out for the good. All I can do now is pray to the scoring gods that my raw score will convert into a high score and med schools will see my brilliance (or semi-smarts). I celebrated for less than 24 hours though as it was back on the thesis-writing horse today. And of course, I saved the hardest part for last, the part with all sorts of obscure parts of fly neuroanatomy and really long words. I am really going to celebrate when this baby is done!

In other news, people who know my sister know that she is wickedly talented, but now she is putting it out there for the whole world. Check out her work at cool. I wish I was that technically/mechanically gifted. I was so proud of her when I was in a San Francisco hardware store and she was using all these crazy terms. Also, congrats to her for being a finalist for the Ruth Lilly poetry prize. I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya sis!

Also, I saw the best movie of the summer "Brideshead Revisited" a few nights ago and can't stop thinking about it. I found this awesome interview with the star of the movie, Matthew Goode. I think all interviews should be conducted with wine!