Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Bet

So about a year ago when I was going through the hell that is known as "med school applications", I made a bet with my parents. If a med school accepted me they had to take me out to dinner to the bestest place ever...Log Haven. Well I was accepted to two med schools so they had to shell out some extra dough..hehe! And since I am obsessed with food I of course have to give a description: I started out with a yummy sweet wine-rose cocktail, then we had grilled calamari (totally out of this world), and quinoa encrusted crab cakes. Britta and I shared a half bottle of champagne for the appetizer/salad course. My salad was heirloom lettuce, egg, truffle vinaigrette, and mushroom. We ordered my favorite wine, a Gruner, for our entrees. I had a bison ribeye with parmesan pomme fritte. Britta had grilled scallops atop creamy risotto with a carrot coulis. For dessert, coffee, creme brulee, and a triple chocolate cake thing that was blow-you-away fantastic.
Thanks so much to the folks for holding up their end of the bargain (and for the med schools accepting me so that I had another chance to eat at Log Haven!).


JP said...

I was pretty much salivating when I was reading that...
Sounds like it was an awesome evening!

Kristen Ameel said...

It was...wish you could have been there. Maybe when I am rich I'll take you there:)